First Blog Post. . .

Why my blog was born. . .

Gee, first blog post. . . this is a big deal. What do I write? Do I tell about myself? Wait, that’s already in the “about page”. Do I just tell what my day has been about? School. . . Getting fried convenience store food. . . Working on this blog. . . Check and done. I guess I will start by just diving in head first and tell why I created this blog in the first place.

So, as you should already know (had you actually read my “about” page) I am a full-time student, majoring in psychology and minoring in English. Psychology, because I plan to go on to graduate school to become something along the lines of a counselor, and English, because I love books! This semester one of my classes is a fiction writing course; in which I am required to create a blog/page/site etc., to showcase pieces that I have written over the course of the semester. As I have no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (*gasp* I know. . . Just breathe everyone), this blog was born. So, dear reader(s), first and foremost on this blog, you will get a taste of my menial writing skills.

Writing is not all that I am interested in though, and should I decide to keep this blog, there are a variety of topics of interest to me that I would write about (hence, the name of this blog, simplysalena). I may post about the latest BlueApron recipe I have tried, or detail how painting my kitchen floor went; this blog is about anything and everything – the intricacies of my everyday.

Without further ado, here is my first short story. . .


“The Way We Are”

Be sure to visit my “Writings” page to check out all my stories!




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